Specialty Post

HB Services supplies cedar fence posts, cedar fence stays, and specialty fence posts at reasonable rates. Call (254) 206-0294 today!

Specialty Post

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Do you want your cedar fence to be one-of-a-kind? Adding a specialty post at a fence corner or a pair of specialty posts at a gate or opening will add decorative flair to your durable and functional cedar fence. Specialty posts also better contour cedar fences to uneven or hilly landscapes.

HB Services of Gatesville, TX has a wide selection of specialty post in a variety of materials and designs. They use the same top-quality, durable cedar in their decorative and specialty post that they do in their regular fence posts and stays. They also offer specialty posts in a variety of other woods, metals, and synthetic materials.

Mixed-material specialty posts combine the strength and durability of a steel or aluminum beam with the refined look of cut and sanded wood. This opens up a world of possibilities in custom fence design!

Keep the classic, rustic look of your ranch-style fencing with peeled or untreated cedar posts. Discover what HB Services' specialty post can do for your property.