Cedar Stays

HB Services supplies cedar fence posts, cedar fence stays, and specialty fence posts at reasonable rates. Call (254) 206-0294 today!

Cedar Stays

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Whether you use your cedar fence to keep livestock on your ranch, mark property boundaries, or simply to give your house the classic look of a Texas ranch, it’s important to use both quality cedar posts and quality cedar stays. While the posts carry most of the weight of the fence, the stays actually keep livestock where you need it, and are the first thing people notice when they see your fence. That’s why using high-quality cedar stays is important.

HB Services uses the finest-quality of Jennifer mountain cedar. That you can use to build your rock-solid cedar fence posts. That means your fences are sturdy enough to stand up to curious cattle and climbing kids alike. And they’re weather-proof, critter-proof, and rot-proof, so you’re guaranteed to have them for years to come.

Get in touch with HB Services of Gatesville, TX today to find out more about their selection of fine cedar stays.