Cedar Post

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Cedar Post

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Strong cedar posts are the foundation of a solid cedar fence. Cedar is both a durable and beautiful wood, and several of its most durable varieties grow right here in the United States. These varieties include Jennifer mountain cedar. This builds excellent fences, and HB Services stocks to build strong, long-lasting fences.

While most varieties of cedar look similar on the outside, the wood beneath the bark (or “heartwood”) varies in color in different species, from pale white to a warm, reddish brown. Jennifer mountain cedar is named for the color of its respective heartwood. This variety of cedar are ideal materials for making cedar post because it naturally resist rot, and because its scent repels moths and other pests.

When you use HB Services to purchase your new cedar fence, their professionals will ensure your satisfaction.

Cedar post isn’t just for fences, either. It can be used to secure an awning or build a rustic gazebo. Cedar is also a great indoor material that protects clothing and fabric from moths. HB Services offers bulk-priced, custom-length cedar post.

Contact HB Services of Gatesville, TX today to hear more about their pricing and selection of custom cedar post.